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Product Name : Interactive Rope Tug Treats Ball

(1).Multifunctional dog toy: This toy can be used as molar ball and molar stick, interactive toy between the owner and the pet, training toy. Also, it combines multiple functions such as food dispensing function and tooth cleaning function.

(2).Teeth cleaning effect: The toy is made of a special TPR material with high toughness .There are many types of molar bumps on the surface of the toy, and new tooth cleaning aisle. The dog teeth can rub back and forth with the staggered molar teeth when playing with this toy, which can achieve the effect of molar teeth, also can remove tartar and dirt, and protect dog’s oral health.

(3).Pull tug-of-war to: The toy consists of a molar stick, a pull rope and a molar ball. When the dog plays with the toy, it can be used as a pulling rope toy, a tug-of-war toy, increasing the interaction between the owner and the dog.

(4).Food dispensing toy:  Snacks can be placed in the spherical toys to be used as food dispensing toy, which increases the fun of dogs playing with toys.

(5).Customizable---Customized with MOQ 1000 pcs.

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