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Product Name:Dog Planet Treat Toy

(1).Instruction of use: Hold the transparent lid, turn counterclockwise to unscrew. [ON/ OFF side is positive], put in dog food. Turn clockwise to screw the cover back to its original position.

(2).Feeding method: There are leaking holes of different sizes, and there are 4 leaking holes on the top and bottom. Put food in. Dogs can easily leak out when playing. Reward in the form of interaction to develop an active and healthy slow feeding habits.

(3).Quality Material: Dog planet treat toy Unique UFO, 100% made of high-density pp nylon plastic, with super abrasion resistance, safe and non-toxic, after high temperature testing, washable. It is very soft to the dog's gums, bite resistant and durable. Some dogs can shave off small pieces or leave tooth marks, which is normal.

(4).Exercise the dog’s IQ: The dog is a good partner of mankind. The feeder helps to improve the dog’s intelligence and makes the puppy a fashionable leaky toy to replace the ordinary rubber toys and chewing sticks, so that the dog will being happy and active will increase the feelings between people and dogs. You deserve one.

(5). Customizable---Logo can be customized with MOQ 1000 pcs.

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